Mason Monday

Monday, September 27, 2021 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Mason Monday

Be Bold and Show Your Mason Pride

Mason Korea community is encouraged to wear Mason gear everywhere you go to show Mason pride. Each Monday throughout the year, Patriot Activities Council(PAC) will select a winner to win their favorite green and gold apparel.

  1. Take a photo to share your Mason Pride. Type of photo can be:
    1. Photo of your selfie, family, friends with Green and Gold! We would like to see your hometown, favorite location or space in the background of your photo.
    2. If is not a photo of yourself, please show us your Mason pride room, desk, backpack, and etc.
    3. Be creative to show your Mason pride!
  2. Fill out the following link to Win a Mason Gear:

* If you do not have a Mason 360 access, please submit an access Access Request Form in order to receive the appointment letter via Mason360.

  1. Every following Monday, Patriot Activities Council(PAC) will announce a winner via PAC Instagram account (@gmuk_pac).
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