Student Visa Overview

Student Visa

International students (non-Korean) who wish to stay in Korea for more than 90 days to attend classes must obtain a student visa (D-2). In order to apply for a student visa (D-2), students must first receive an endorsement document called the "Certificate of Admission"  from Mason Korea. After receiving the certificate, students can proceed and apply for a visa at the Korean Embassy or Consulate.

International students must obtain student visa status before the first day of class. Taking classes without a proper student visa status can be considered illegal by the Korean immigration authority.

The whole process usually takes about 6 - 8 weeks to be fully completed.

The university currently supports the following student visas for international students.

Subcategory For Initial Sojourn Period Max. Sojourn Period
D-2-2 Undergraduate students directly admitted to Mason Korea
1 year  4 years
D-2-3 Master’s degree students directly admitted to Mason Korea 1 year  2 years

Students visiting Mason Korea
 - Study Abroad (Fairfax)
 - Global Gateway (Fairfax)

Undergraduate Non-Degree Students

6 months

 1 year



In the context of Korean immigration, "sojourn" refers to a temporary stay in the country by foreign nationals. It typically refers to the period of time during which a person resides in South Korea with a specific visa or immigration status, such as a student visa, work visa, or tourist visa. The duration of the sojourn is determined by the visa type and the conditions set by the Korean immigration authorities. During the sojourn, individuals are expected to comply with the regulations and requirements associated with their visa status, including reporting changes of address, renewing visas if necessary, and adhering to the terms of their authorized stay in the country.

Generally, the Korean embassy issues single-entry visas, which expire after the first entry. Therefore, after entering Korea with a visa, foreigners are required to apply for a sojourn permit through the Alien Registration process. Once the alien registration is completed, students will receive a "sojourn period" detailed in the provided table. This allows them to stay in Korea for more than 90 days and enter the country multiple times as long as the sojourn period remains valid.

It is the responsibility of students to monitor their sojourn expiry date and extend it before it expires. Extension of the sojourn period can be done by going through the Extension of Stay process. It is highly recommended that students consult with the international student advisor at least 2 months before their visa expiration dates.


Visa Application Process

Students Entering from Overseas

Students entering Korea from Overseas can apply for new D-2 visas to the Korean Embassy/Consulate. Apply for your Certificate of Admission to start the process.



Students Already in Korea

Students already in Korea with active immigration status other than D-2 can apply for a change of status to D-2 at the Korea Immigration Office in Incheon. Apply for your Certificate of Admission to start the process.


  • When your visa change request is approved, you will automatically receive a new alien registration card.

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