Eunhee Seo

Eunhee Seo

Eunhee Seo

Assistant Professor

SFL-based Second Language (L2) writing pedagogy, discourse analysis, and teacher education

Dr. Seo is a faculty member of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program and the EAP Program Coordinator at Mason Korea. Prior to joining at Mason, she had taught linguistically diverse students at Temple and Bowling Green State Universities in the United States and while working at Mason Korea, she took an opportunity of teaching in Mason Fairfax campus as an exchange faculty member. Dr. Seo is the recipient of the Best Dissertation Award for her interdisciplinary research at Temple. She is also committed to scholarly work in order to develop principled approaches to second language (L2) pedagogy and learning that can benefit L2 practitioners as well as her students.

Dr. Seo earned her master’s and doctorate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics at Temple University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Selected Publications

Seo, E. (in press). [Review of the book Grounded literacies in a transnational WAC/WID ecology: A Korean-U.S. study, by Jay Jordan]. Composition Studies, December 2023. 

Seo, E. (2019). Lexicogrammar as a Meaning-Making Resource: A Systemic Functional Approach to Second Language (L2) Writing Pedagogy in Cross-Border Education. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 35(4), 153-191.

Seo, E. (2016). Engineering Students’ Writing Performance in a College-Level Writing Class: An Appraisal Investigation. Studies in English Education, 21(2), 1-37.

Seo, E. (2014). Investigating ESL Students’ Timed Essays for Mainstream Composition Class Placement: Insights from Appraisal Theory. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 30(4), 167-203.

Seo. E. (2013). “Ideological Becoming” of U.S. versus International Teaching Assistants (TAs): Bakhtinian Analysis of TAs’ Voice in a TV Production Studio Lab. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 29(4), 171-219.

Courses Taught

EAP 100/EAP 116 (English and Disciplinary Skills for Multilingual Students)

EAP EAP 110 (English and Composition for Academic Disciplines)

EAP 100/PROV 110 (Preparation for English Composition for Multilingual Writers)

EAP 102 (Language Support for American Cultures)


EAP 103 (Language Support for Public Speaking)


EAP 108 (Language Support of Business in American Society)


EAP 109 (Language Support for Global Affairs)


ENGH 121 (Enhanced Composition for Multilingual Writers of English I)


ENGH 122 (Enhanced Composition for Multilingual Writers of English II)


Ed. D., Applied Linguistics & TESOL, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Ed.M., English Education, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Recent Presentations

Seo, Eunhee, Colchao, James, Fair, Kimberlie, Kwak, Deborah & Zimmerman, Douglas. (2023). “Distinctive Affordances of ARIT Professional Development within a Transdisciplinary Context” On-Demand Poster to be presented at 2023 Innovations in Teaching & Learning (ITL) Conference. George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A., October 6, 2023.

Seo, Eunhee & Lee, Eunmee (2021). “Enriching Student Learning through EAP Curriculum Innovation: An Illustration of the Project-Based EAP Course in the Post-Pandemic Era” Paper presented at the 2021 KATE Joint International Conference on English Language Teaching (ELT). Seoul, Korea, July 1-3, 2021.

Seo, Euhee (2020). “Lexico-Grammar Features of Successful Academic Writing in Expository Essays: A Systemic Functional Investigation of Transitivity, Grammatical Metaphor, and Theme” Paper presented at 2020 Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE) International Conference. Seoul, Korea, July 2-4, 2020.

Seo, Eunhee (2019). “Thematic Features of Second Language (L2) Writers’ Text: A Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective" Paper presented at the 2019 Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK) International Conference & The 6th East Asia Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée (AILA) Symposium. Seoul, Korea, September 28, 2019.

Seo, Eunhee (2018). “Lexicogrammar as Meaning-Making Resources: A Systemic Functional Approach to Second Language (L2) Writing Pedagogy in Cross-Border Education.” Paper presented at the 16th Asia TEFL, 1st Macau Association of Applied Linguistics (MAAL) & 6th Hong Kong Association of Applied Linguistics (HAAL) 2018 International Conference. Macau SAR, China, June 27-29, 2018.