All Faculty


  • Miriam Ahmed

    Miriam Ahmed

    Assistant Professor

    Ethics, responsible design, typeface persona, diversity, representation


  • Ajiboye Babalola

    Ajiboye Babalola

    Assistant Professor

    Stochastic models, probability theory, Galton Watson Processes, Queueing theory, Statistical Inference

  • Sudha Balajapalli

    Sudha Balajapalli

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Theresa Gielissen Bloodworth

    Theresa Gielissen Bloodworth


    English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, Business English

  • James Broderick

    James Broderick

    Assistant Professor

    Extended Reality, Serious Games, Game Design, Spatial Audio, Human-Computer Interaction

  • Melissa Bruce

    Melissa Bruce


    Gender & Sexuality, Popular Culture, Television Fandom


  • Edgar O. Castro Mendez

    Edgar O. Castro Mendez

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Experimental Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy

  • Hyunyoung Cho

    Hyunyoung Cho


    Early Modern British Literature and Culture; Mobility and Family; Ecocriticism and the Late Renaissance; Plants and Insects in Early Modern Culture; Poetry and Early Modern Science; Cross-Cultural Encounter and Communication

  • Brian Brian Colchao

    Brian Brian Colchao


    Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Big Data

  • Antonio (Tony) Covello


  • Shannon N Davis

    Shannon N Davis

    Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, George Mason University, Korea

    Sociology of families and intimate relationships, gender ideologies, gender inequality, research methods

  • John P. Doran

    John P. Doran


  • Claude Andre Drolet

    Claude Andre Drolet


    Academic Governance, Career Infusion, Communication in Public Administration, Panelology


  • Yaman O. Erzurumlu

    Yaman O. Erzurumlu

    Assistant Professor

    Mutual/Pension Funds, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance, ESG, Machine Learning Applications in Finance



  • Imen Hassairi Krichen

    Imen Hassairi Krichen

    Assistant Professor

  • Eunsil Hong

    Eunsil Hong


    Korean education, Speech communication, curriculum development, Korean for academic purposes, instructional technology



  • Hyoungjoon Sam Jeon

    Hyoungjoon Sam Jeon

    Visiting Associate Research Professor

    Conflict analysis, conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, deliberation, and public participation

  • Emilia Kyung Jin

    Emilia Kyung Jin

    Adjunct Faculty

    Climate change, climate modeling, ice sheet modeling, climate predictability

  • Yingji Jin

    Yingji Jin

    Associate Professor

    Chinese language, culture, literature, Cross-lingual research between Chinese and Korean, Asian American literature

  • Eun Hye (Grace) Jo

    Eun Hye (Grace) Jo

    Assistant Professor

  • Leo Jung

    Leo Jung

    Associate Professor

    Artificial Intelligence in Management and Marketing


  • Karsyn M Kendrick

    Karsyn M Kendrick

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Sarah T Khankan

    Sarah T Khankan

    Associate Professor

  • Jason Kifer

    Jason Kifer

    Senior Instructor

    Academic Writing; English as a Second Language; English Literature

  • Chul Kim

    Chul Kim

    Associate Professor

    Cryptography, Evaluation Modelling, Blockchain with its applications, Mathematical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

  • Eunice C. Kim

    Eunice C. Kim


    Her current research interests include investigations in Digital Humanities, Digital Composition, and 19th century British novels and narratives.

  • Moon Joon Kim

    Moon Joon Kim

    Assistant Professor

    Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Energy Economics, Program Evaluation, ESG

  • Wondae Kim

    Wondae Kim

    Adjunct Faculty

    Motor Learning, Control, & Development, Human Kinetics & Kinematics, Reaching & Grasping

  • Younsung Kim

    Younsung Kim


    Environmental governance, climate change policy, corporate environmentalism and public policy, public policy analysis and evaluation

  • Hyunjin Deborah Kwak

    Hyunjin Deborah Kwak

    Assistant Professor

    Culture, Interactions, Social Groups, Emotion, Criminal Justice, Restorative Justice, Peace and Conflict

  • Soyoung Kwon

    Soyoung Kwon

    Associate Professor

    Director of Center for Security Policy Studies - Korea. Comparative Politics, North Korea, Peace and Security in Northeast Asia, Public (sport) Diplomacy


  • Eunmee Lee

    Eunmee Lee

    Director, Academic Resource Center

    She looks into the language and identity issues among English language learners, and she tries to find ways to empower ELLs through using communicative problem solving tasks.

  • Gyu Tag Lee

    Gyu Tag Lee

    Associate Professor

    Cultural Studies, Media Criticism, Popular Music, K-Pop and Hallyu, etc.

  • Hyang Lee

    Hyang Lee

    Associate Professor

    Language assessment, Task-based language teaching, Teaching pronunciation

  • Jenny Jung-Wha Lee

    Jenny Jung-Wha Lee

    Associate Professor

    Auditing, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, and Intangible Assets

  • Seajae Lee

    Seajae Lee

    Adjunct Faculty

    Korean Linguistics

  • Lynnette Grace Leonard

    Lynnette Grace Leonard

    Associate Professor

    * Persuasion, Rhetoric, & Social Influence, * Media Technology, Ethics, & Criticism

  • John Kalung Leung

    John Kalung Leung

    Assistant Professor

    Computational Data Sciences, Natural Language Processing, High-Performance Computing, and Recommender Systems

  • Ji Hye Lim

    Ji Hye Lim

    Assistant Professor

    International and Comparative Political Economy

  • Joshua Lindenbaum

    Joshua Lindenbaum

    Assistant Professor


  • Borislava Manojlovic

    Borislava Manojlovic

    Assistant Professor

  • Robert I Matz

    Robert I Matz

    Campus Dean, George Mason University, Korea

    Early modern literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, gender and sexuality

  • Carey McCormack

    Carey McCormack

    Assistant Professor

    Environmental history, indigenous studies, history of science (botany), gender/sexuality studies, Indian Ocean World, History of Southeast Asia

  • John David McGrew

    John David McGrew

    Assistant Professor

    Character Animation, 3D Modeling & Sculpting

  • Teresa L Michals

    Teresa L Michals


    history of children's literature; eighteenth-century British literature; disability studies


  • Kelly Nam

    Kelly Nam


  • Vias C Nicolaides

    Vias C Nicolaides

    Associate Professor

    Human Behavior, HRM, Blockchain Tech, Organizational Science, Leadership, Team dynamics, Research methodology & Data Science, Game Theory, Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


  • Sang Mee Oh

    Sang Mee Oh

    Assistant Professor

    Modern Korean History, U.S.-Korea Relations focused on intellectual and cultural interactions, American images of Korea, Korean Studies in the U.S.


  • Sohyun Park

    Sohyun Park

    Assistant Professor

    Spatial data analytics, economic geography, land use sciences

  • Richard Prasad

    Richard Prasad


    Academic skills instruction, curriculum development, learner autonomy, language assessment

  • Hak Kil Pyo

    Hak Kil Pyo



  • Paul Philippe Razafinjatovo

    Paul Philippe Razafinjatovo

    Adjunct Faculty

    Marine spatial planning, marine policy, maritime safety, marine conservation, maritime security.

  • Moses Rodríguez Hernández

    Moses Rodríguez Hernández

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociolinguistics Studies

  • Rod D. Rothwell

    Rod D. Rothwell


    Using narratives in business education. Facilitation as a teaching methodology. Storytelling in education. Student-derived curricula content. International education, colonialism in education, post colonialist international education. Critical Discourse Analysis of syllabi and curricula content.

  • ChangGyo Ryu

    ChangGyo Ryu

    Assistant Professor

    Chinese classics, Aesthetics, Chinese classical literature, Humanity, Mind, Life, Language Teaching, Teaching Methods


  • Malkhaz Saldadze

    Malkhaz Saldadze

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Conflict transformation; Politics of democratization; Russian, East European, Central Asian Studies; History; Political Philosophy.

  • Eunhee Seo

    Eunhee Seo

    Assistant Professor

    SFL-based Second Language (L2) writing pedagogy, discourse analysis, and teacher education

  • Heung Gweon Sin

    Heung Gweon Sin

    Assistant Professor

    Simulation, supply chain management, intelligent transportation system, and transportation modelling



  • Roland B Wilson

    Roland B Wilson

    Peace and Conflict Studies Center Asia (PACSC Asia) Director, and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program Coordinator (아시아 평화 분쟁 연구센터 센터장/평화와 분쟁 해결 학부 주임교수)

  • Alice Wrigglesworth

    Alice Wrigglesworth

    Assistant Professor

    Writing instruction, peer feedback, and culture and learning


  • Kent Zimmerman

    Kent Zimmerman

    Director for Student Success & Deputy Title IX Coordinator