Eskil Ullberg

Eskil Ullberg

Eskil Ullberg

Assistant Professor

Markets in patents

Economics research for 10+ years of which 8 years at Interdisciplinary Center of Economic Science at George Mason University (Vernon Smith's second lab); Working on patent markets and teaching finance and economic development classes, active in the patent market discussions with UN, EC, WTO, others.  

Prior to research I was active in international management consulting specializing in strategy, for over 20 years for: firms, international organizations and government agencies alike with special focus on management of risk.

My interest is currently in applied research on policy issues to leverage the human capital formation of developing nations through markets in patents (

Current Research

Applied research on: Leveraging the human capital formation of developing nations through markets in patents. Four core themes are currently the focus:

1. efficient markets in patents

2. measuring the value of trade in ideas with statistics and in the balance of payments

3. field-experiments on trade rules supporting coordination between nations of their human capital formation through markets in patents.

4. curriculum on management of intellectual property 

Selected Publications

2019    “Economic efficiency and field-of-use pricing of SEP licenses under FRAND terms”, Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property.

2018    “The need for a global market in patents”, OpEd for ProjectSyndicate, with Edmund Phelps (Nobel Laurate 2006) , . Republished as “The world is abandoning the Inventor. This is what needs to change”,World Economic Forum, 2018,

2016    “Coordination of Inventions and Innovations through patent markets with prices: An Experimental Investigation of Price Signals and Search Behavior”, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s13132-016-0418-0

2009     “From Personal to Impersonal Exchange in Ideas – Experimental Study of Trade in Organized Markets for Patents”, Industrial PhD Thesis, 2009, Principal advisor: Björn Hårsman, Opponent: Tom Hazlett, GMU 

2002     “Risk Management: From Portfolio Strategy to Value Creating System Strategy”, Geneva Papers on risk and insurance. July 2002, with Rodriguez, Stormby

Expanded Publication List


2014     “New Perspectives on Internationalization and Competitiveness – Integrating Economics, Innovation and Higher Education”, Editor of proceedings from workshops in Washington DC and Stockholm in 2013, Springer International,2014,

2012     “Trade in Ideas – Performance and Behavioral Properties of Markets in Patents”, Springer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship book series, 2012,


Book chapter/other contributions

“The Language of Trust and Reciprocity in Patent Markets: A Sociological Analysis of Property Rights on Messages Resolving Uncertainty in Exchange in Ideas”, Stanford, Hoover Institutions IP2 Conference by Working Group on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Prosperity, Palo Alto, 2016,  (personal invitation)

“Du passage d'un système d’échanges "personnels" à un système d'échanges "impersonnels" des idées: une étude expérimentale”, Encadré 3 in, Guellec, D., Madiès, T. and J-C Prager (2010). Les marchés des brevets dans l'économie de la connaissance, report for the Economic Counsel of the Prime Minister, Paris, 2010

”From Personal to Impersonal Exchange in Ideas”, article in Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Springer N.Y., 2012

”The Patent System”, definition in Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Springer N.Y., 2012

“A new approach to trade-related Pharmaceutical IPRs: IPR as tradable goods.” Book chapter in Healthy IPRs – a forward look at pharmaceutical intellectual property, The Stockholm Network, 2007

“World Trade in Intellectual Property – Managing Risk and Uncertainty in the Knowledge Economy”, Meredith Memorial Lectures Series, McGill University, 2006

Grants and Fellowships

A selection:

2019                 Government of Sweden, Broadening and proofing the trade in ideas program

2018                 Government of Sweden, Statistics framework for exchange in ideas

2017                 Government of Sweden, Pilot-study of north-south exchange in ideas

2012                 National Science Foundation, USA, grant for Workshop on Internationalization and Competitiveness (Washington DC, March 1-2, and Stockholm Oct 2-4, 2013)


Courses Taught

International Economic Policy (Trade and Money), ECON385: 2019, 2020- (2019- by video)

African Economic Development, ECON362: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (2015-2018 by video)

International Money and Finance, ECON420: 2011, 2012, 2013


PhD in Economics


MSc in material and computer science

Recent Presentations

World Trade Organization Chair Program: First ever course on “Trade in Ideas” organized by the Omani WTO Chair, Mar 2019.

World Trade Organization: Presentation of results of the “Trade in Ideas Pilot-study” including Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Azerbaijan, Uganda, Kenya, South-Africa, Nov 26 2018 (web cast)

World Trade Organization: Trade Dialogue Series on “Strategy for growth: A policy discussion on North-South exchange in technology through the patent system”, June 2017 (youtube)

European Commission: Joint Transatlantic Workshop on “How patent markets can create growth”, March 2016

UN SDG: Scope on implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (on invitation): “Moving from “more of the same” to “more of the new” incentives may be needed for a policy of truly sustained development”, March, 2016

UN Post-2015 Millennium goals agenda input: Contribution to 2014 UN/ECOSOC AMR Part II (17 February - 2 March): Sustaining development gains through inclusive development: “Trade in ideas: the basis for sustainable economic development”, February 17, 2014

 Promoting international cooperation on exchange in technology, promoting a pilot project between North and South presented at ECOSOC AMR event 2013, 2013-2014

Co-organizer and co-chair at United Nations ECOSOC high-level segment, organizing a ministerial side event on Trade in Ideas, based on research and policy interest from developing nations.  ECOSOC theme: “Science, Technology and Innovation, and the benefit of Culture for sustainable development to meet the MDGs”, at the United Nations in Geneva, July 1-4, 2013

Lead Presenter and Meeting Chair at United Nations Expert Meeting on “Science, Technology and Innovation, and the benefit of Culture for sustainable development to meet the MDGs”, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, March 22, 2013

United Nations Second Committee Special Event Panel Discussion on Science, Technology and Innovation for Development, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Nov 16, 2012

“From Personal to Impersonal Exchange in Ideas – Negotiations, Policy and Practice”, World Trade Organization special meeting, IP division in Geneva, October 13, 2010

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