Gyu Tag Lee

Gyu Tag Lee

Gyu Tag Lee

Assistant Professor

Cultural Studies, Media Criticism, Music Industry, Music Criticism, History of American Popular Music, K-Pop, Hallyu, Media and Society, etc.

Gyu Tag Lee received his bachelor’s in English language and literature from Seoul National University, South Korea. After completing his three-year military service in the Republic of Korea Air Force, he received his master’s in communication from Seoul National University. In 2013, he earned his doctorate in Cultural Studies from George Mason University. Since 2014, he has been teaching at George Mason University-Korea.

He is an expert of popular music, media studies, globalization of culture, and especially, K-Pop. He has been writing books and articles about K-Pop, popular music and Hallyu for a number of on- and off-line media, and is a committee member of Korean Music Awards. Additionally, he has been interviewed by a number of Korean domestic and international media such as Netflix's documentary Explained, Wall Street Journal, Joong-Ang Ilbo, Chosun Ilbo, KBS, MBC, SBS, etc.


Current Research

K-Pop and nationalism, East Asian Cultural Convergence, etc.

Selected Publications

Lee, Gyu Tag (2020). K-Pop in Conflict: Between Local and Global Music 《갈등하는 케이, 팝: 한국적인 동시에 세계적인 음악》 (in Korean).

Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). Faraway, So Close: Produce 48 and the Cultural-Industrial Collaboration between K-Pop and J-Pop. Korean Journal of Popular Music, Vol. , pp. - .

Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). Gen Z, Sincerity, and Nationalism: The Meaning of BTS's Global Success <젠지, 진정성, ‘K’: BTS의 성공이 보여주는 것들> (in Korean). In/Outside: English Studies in Korea, Vol. 47, pp. 208-234.

Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). BTS: New Directions for K-Pop’s Ongoing Global Success. East Asia Foundation Policy Debates, No. 116.

Lee, Gyu Tag (2018). BTS: New Generation and Emotional Labour <방탄소년단: 새로운 세대의 새로운 소통 방식, 그리고 감정노동> (in Korean). Culture and Science, Vol. 93, pp. 278-291.

Lee, Gyu Tag and Kim, D.W. (Trans.) (2017). Motown: The Sound of Young America 《모타운: 젊은 미국의 사운드》 (in Korean).

Lee, Gyu Tag (2016). Globalization and Digitalization of Popular Music 《대중음악의 세계화와 디지털화》 (in Korean).

Lee, Gyu Tag (2016). The K-Pop Age 《케이팝의 시대》 (in Korean).

Lee, Gyu Tag (Trans.) (2016). The Uses of Literacy 《교양의 효용》 (in Korean).

Lee, Gyu Tag (2015). K-Pop Branding and Motown Soul <케이팝 브랜딩과 모타운 소울> (in Korean). Korean Journal of Popular Music, Vol. 14, pp. 8-39.

Lee, Gyu Tag (2011). Between Globality and Locality : Emerging Korean hip-hop <한국 힙합 음악 장르의 형성을 통해 본 대중문화의 세계화와 토착화> (in Korean). Korean Studies, Vol. 36, pp. 59-84.

Courses Taught

ANTH 114 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 399 K-Pop, Hallyu, and Korean Society

CULT 320 Globalization and Culture

MUSI 102 Popular Music in the US

PROV 105 American Culture


PhD. Cultural Studies, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

MA. Communication, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

BA. English Language and Literature, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

In the Media

TBS eFM News Show Korea, Factual (2019)

Arirang TV News Show News In-Depth (2019)

tvN Talk Show Coolkkadang (2019)

Netflix Documentary Explained (2018)

MBC News Desk (2018)

KBS Documentary K-Pop World Festival (2018)