Lea (Haeun) Joo

Lea (Haeun) Joo

Lea (Haeun) Joo

Student Accounts and Fiscal Coordinator

Lea (Haeun) is a member of our Office of Finance and Planning.

She is responsible for coordinating and managing tuition payments. She runs the Office of Student Accounts at Mason Korea (tuition billing and collection, tuition reconciliation, tuition refund). If you have any questions or concerns that relate to tuition, please contact her. Prior to joining us, she worked at Abbott as an accountant.

Lea earned her bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in accounting from La Roche University.

Student Accounts

Phone: 032-626-5028

Email: mkfinan@gmu.edu

Homepage: https://masonkorea.gmu.edu/tuition-and-costs