Imen Hassairi Krichen

Imen Hassairi Krichen

Imen Hassairi Krichen

Assistant Professor

Dr. Imen Hassairi Krichen is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A Tunisian, who sets her heart on educating young people/students, brings with her a wealth of teaching and research. She has spent more than one decade teaching undergraduate levels in Tunisia and China. She got her Doctoral degree of Mathematics at the University of Sfax, Tunisia, and obtained her Master’s in Applied Mathematics in Economics and in Finance at Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France.  She has published various papers in an international peer-reviewed journal and will be publishing more of her works/research. Her research interest focuses on probability in general and on stochastic processes and its related field precisely. Currently, she joined George Mason University, Korea campus since spring 2023. She is always excited for a new semester teaching new students to continue building her career with all love and passion. Her teaching experience with diverse students made her teaching and learning meaningful. Dr. Imen always wins the heart of the students with humility and friendship.

Selected Publications


  1. Hassairi, D-solutions of BSDEs with Poisson jumps, J. Korean Math. Soc. 59 (2022), No. 6, pp. 1083-1101,, pISSN: 0304-9914 / eISSN: 2234-3008


  1. Hassairi, C. Junqi and A. Hassairi, Exact camera location via Gauss Newton Method, Asian Journal of mathematics and applications, March 2022.


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  1. Hassairi, Existence and uniqueness for D-solutions of reflected BSDEs with two barriers without Mokobodzki's condition, Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, volume 15 No. 4, July 2016.




  1. Hassairi, Backward stochastic differential equations with weak integrability, Lambert Academic Publishing, (25-07-2017) - ISBN-13: 978-3-330-32553-1.


March 2016                  Ph.D., Sfax University in Tunisia, Mathematics. I got the WES certificate as international qualifications equivalency from USA for both PhD and Master degrees on October 2020.


September 2011           M.S., Paris1 Panthéon Sorbonne University in France, Applied Mathematics in Economics and in Finance


June 2008                    B.A., Sfax University, Applied Mathematics