Wondae Kim

Wondae Kim

Wondae Kim

Adjunct Faculty

Motor Learning, Control, & Development, Human Kinetics & Kinematics, Reaching & Grasping

Dr. Kim is an accomplished educator and researcher specializing in motor behavior and kinesiology. With a strong background in physical education and sports science, he holds a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University, where his focus was on motor learning, control, and development. He has also obtained a Master's degree in Sport Science from Seoul National University and a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education.

Selected Publications

Brahim M., Bougatfa, R., Abukhaizaran, O., Moore P., & Kim, W. (2016) Body Mass Index: A Comparison of Male Saudi Students to Americans of the Same Age: Advances in Physical Education, 6, 344-350 

Kim, J., Lee, K. Kim, W., & Ryu Y. U. (2012). Arm Selection Behavior of Stroke Patients in Reaching: a Preliminary Study, Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 24, 867-871

Kim, W., Buchanan, J. & Gabbard, C. (2011). Constraints on Arm Selection Processes When Reaching: Degrees of Freedom and Joint Amplitudes Interact to Influence Limb Selection, Journal of Motor Behavior, 43 (5), 403-411

Kim, W., (2011). Examining limb differences between the dominant and non-dominant limb through path linearity of the hand’s trajectory in reaching movements. International Journal of Human Movement Science, 5(1)

Kim, W., (2008). Handedness, Limb Selection, and Reach Control: A Test of the Dynamic Dominance Hypothesis. Dissertation for Ph.D. of Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA

Kim, W., Gabbard, C., Young, R., & Buchanan, J. (2007). Reaching in contralateral hemispace by right- handers: A kinematic observation, Journal of Motor Behavior, 39 (6), 451-456.


Ryu, Y., Kim, W., and Kim, H. (2006). Gaze Effect on Spatial and Kinematic Characteristics in Pointing to a Remembered Target. Korean Academy of University Trained Physical Therapists, 13, 4, 23-29

Kim, W., and Kim, S. (2003). The effect of age and speed on coincidence-anticipation timing in a soccer pass. Korean Society of Sport Psychology, 14, 3

Kim W. (2002). The effect of age and speed on coincidence-anticipation timing in a soccer pass: Thesis for Master’s of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Dept. of Physical Education. 



Texas A&M University, (College Station, Texas, USA)

    -Ph. D. (2008)

    -Division of Motor Behavior

    -Department of Health and Kinesiology 

    -Major: Kinesiology (Motor Learning, Control, and Development)

    -Specialty: Kinetic & Kinematic Motion Analysis, Limb Selection, and Coordination

Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea)

    -M.S. (2002)

    -Department of Physical Education     

    -Major: Sport Science (Motor Learning and Development)


Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea)

    -B.A. (1998)

    -Department of Physical Education 

    -Major: Physical Education (Secondary Teacher Certification)