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한국어- 온라인 지원서 작성 팁 (신입생)

한국어- 온라인 지원서 작성 팁 (편입생)

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University Brochure and Flier (입학요강)

※ The application deadlines for Spring 2019 is as follows;

Spring 2019

–          Application is currently open
–          Priority Deadline: 1/7/2019
–          Regular Deadline: 1/31/2019

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Admission Overview

Choosing to pursue your educational goals at George Mason University Korea is more than simply deciding where you wish to earn a college degree. It is choosing to become part of an academic setting that will help you develop the kind of critical thinking skills you need to examine and ultimately help address the challenges of today. GMU Korea is a forward thinking, highly diverse academic setting where students and faculty from all over the world come together to create a stimulating environment.

Presently, select bachelor degree programs from George Mason University’s acclaimed School of Management and College of Humanities and Social Sciences comprise the academic programs offered at GMU Korea. They follow the same academic curriculum offered at George Mason’s main campus in Northern Virginia, USA. All GMU Korea classes are taught in English. As part of each student’s academic program, they have an opportunity to attend classes for several semesters in Virginia.

Why George Mason University Korea

World-class Education and Global Learning Journey

  1. George Mason University is a world-class research university (Carnegie classification top research university rankings)
  2. GMU is highly-ranked worldwide
    • top 200 according to Shanghai Jiaotong rankings
    • top 70 public universities in the USA
    • top 75 economics program/top 50 global affairs/top 5% AACSB business programs
    • highest employment rates and starting salaries upon graduation (in Virginia)
  3. GMU Korea offers the same quality of American education at a more affordable price
  4. Students receive the exact same American credits, transcripts, degrees, and diplomas
  5. 3 years studying on the 100% English-speaking campus near Seoul, Korea and 1 year on the main campus in the Washington, DC metro area (both countries’ capital areas)
  6. Provides students a global learning experience and prepares them to become global talents


High-quality Faculty

  1. There are many global leaders among GMU faculty
  2. Leading experts in many fields including Nobel Prize winners on the Fairfax campus
  3. There are faculty members from the USA campus rotating to come and teach classes or give special lectures on the Korea campus
  4. Our faculty include both academic and professional faculty, who practice what they teach
  5. Diverse faculty who come to GMU Korea from many countries
  6. Small class sizes of 10-15 students give students more access to faculty and an intimate learning environment


Global Education Hub

  1. Share the same IGC campus with other top universities from around the world
  2. Interacting with students not just within GMU Korea but also the whole IGC campus
  3. Top universities from Korea are our neighbors
  4. Course-sharing and collaborative educational programs with our IGC partner universities
  5. More opportunities to collaborate with others and to diversify students’ perspectives
  6. Cutting-edge new campus in Korea (green, modern, comfortable, and safe)


Global Networking

  1. Songdo advantage—city of the future (green, international, and “smart”)
  2. Global companies and organizations in Songdo are looking for global talents
  3. DC area location of the main campus creates additional connections and opportunities
  4. Internship opportunities and potential careers nearby by both campuses and anywhere in the world
  5. Advanced career development programing (career clinic, career day events, and internships)
  6. MOU with organizations with internship opportunities in Korea and USA


Global and Diverse Student Body

  1. Student-centered education (access to faculty and full support from staff)
  2. Students with international experiences and from different countries
  3. Students bring their cultures, languages, and interests (student clubs, sports, and activities)
  4. Emphasis on supporting students upon graduation to obtain jobs or entry into graduate schools