Mason Korea Receives Recognition for Lifelong Education Efforts for Incheon Citizens

인천시민대Campus Dean Robert Matz received a plaque of appreciation for Mason Korea’s collaborative contribution to the Incheon Citizen Life College at a recent conference held by the Incheon Institute for Talent and Lifelong Education (ITLE).

At the conference, Dean Matz introduced Mason Korea’s Global Campus program for the Incheon Citizen Life College launched in April, and shared his views on lifelong learning with members of ITLE and the National Institute for Lifelong Education.

Representatives of universities and educational institutions across Incheon also attended the conference held in Songdo to discuss future plans for the Incheon Citizen Life College.

Professor Eunmee Lee, Program Director of the Incheon Citizen Life College program at Mason Korea, mentioned that faculty members and Incheon citizen students witnessed the formation of learning communities and new visions as well as transformation from passive learners to active contributors in the classroom.

“Mason Korea’s continuing education program will act as a springboard for local citizens to grow into global thinkers and doers who are ready to serve underprivileged people of our society,” said Dr. Lee in her program report at the ceremony.

Mason Korea faculty are continuing to provide free courses to Incheon citizens this semester as part of the ongoing Citizen Life College program.