Spring 2024 IGC Courses

Mason Korea announces the cross-registration options with IGC universities for Spring 2024. This opportunity allows Mason Korea students to take a course at a neighboring IGC institution and earn the credits back to Mason. You will pay tuition only to Mason Korea for the total number of credits you take.

Please see below table of courses open to Mason students, and please make sure you carefully review the general policies and guidelines prior to applying for the opportunity. If you would like to register for a course, please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor as soon as possible:

In order to schedule a meeting, you can go to the website and arrange a meeting with the designated advisor of your major by clicking one of the available slots.

Application will be accepted from December 6, 2023 through January 26, 2024. Application does not guarantee enrollment. After January 26, students can only drop a course.

Please note that if a course is offered at Mason Korea, permission will NOT be granted to take this course at other IGC institutions. Students may request to take general elective courses or courses that are not being offered at Mason Korea.

Please contact your advisor if you have any questions.

Click HERE to download the full course list and schedule in PDF format.


Host University Home University
Host University Title Equivalent
Mason Course
Credits Notes
UAC Non-major Basic Drawing AVT 222

3 Mason Core Arts, Visual Arts Elective for GAME
UAC Introduction to Film ENGH L372** 3 Mason Core Arts, Visual Arts Elective for GAME
SUNY Korea Financial Accounting (for major & non-major students) ACCT 203 3 Recommended prerequisite: ECON 103
SUNY Korea Arts of Asia ARTH 203 3 Mason Core Arts
SUNY Korea Spreadsheet Technology and Applications BUS 210 3 Mason Core Quantitative Reasoning
SUNY Korea Principles of Finance (for major and non-major students) FNAN 303 3

Required Prerequisites: ACCT 203, MATH 108 and BUS 210

SUNY Korea Principles of Marketing (for major & non-major students) MKTG 303 3

Registration Restrictions:
- Students with a class of Freshman may not enroll
- Non-Degree level students may not enroll.
- Students with the terminated from BU major attribute may not enroll.

SUNY Korea Computer Science Principles CS 100 3

Mason Core Information Technology and Computing
- Prerequisite:  Level 3 or higher on the Math Placement Exam

SUNY Korea Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming IT 106 3

Prerequisite : IT 104, MATH 125 

SUNY Korea Artificial Intelligence CS 480 3

Required Prerequisites: CS 310 and CS 330

SUNY Korea United States Since 1877 HIST 122 3

Mason Core Social and Behavioral Sciences

SUNY Korea Science, Technology, and Medicine in Western Civilization II HIST L388** 3  
SUNY Korea Music Cultures of the World MUSI 103 3 Mason Core Global Understanding
SUNY Korea World Politics GOVT 132 3 Mason Core Global Understanding
SUNY Korea Intro to American Government GOVT 103 3 Mason Core Social and Behavioral Sciences

*More courses will be updated as the equivalency review is completed.

**The courses will transfer to Mason with a course number noted in the table and fulfill the degree requirements, but they will not count towards the upper-level credit requirement.

***Academic year 2023-2024 spring semester runs from February 19, 2024 to June 14, 2024 (including first sit exam period).