Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Mason Systems for Faculty

Faculty Resources

Professional Development

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Faculty Senate

Faculty Handbook



Research Support

OSCAR & Mason Impact

Open Access Publishing Fund (OAPF)




Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning

Mason Core

Mason Korea Office of Academic Affairs

Syllabus Requirements

Academic Integrity

Class List and Grades

Examples of Alternative Grading


Scholarship Productivity

Annual MK Faculty Scholarship Productivity Report

Monthly MK Faculty Scholarship Productivity Report

Share with us your scholarly activity/project/work with us! (click HERE to register your work on our record)


Faculty Affairs Committee

Faculty Affairs Committee organizes various programs and workshops for faculty well-being and professional development.

If you have any questions about Faculty Affairs Committee, please reach out to Vias Nicolaides at (vnicolai@gmu.edu)