Off-Campus Housing

Mason Korea University Life office has been working with local vendors to provide information to students seeking off-campus housing options.

The information on this website is to provide general information about the vendor's service. Please note that the details of services that the vendors offer may differ from what you see on this webpage. So, we strongly recommend you contact the vendor to confirm the terms of their services.

Most of the off-campus housing vendors, if not all, do not house students considered underaged(19 years or younger) by the Korean age system.


Long-Term Option

Short-Term Option

Hotels near Campus

There are several hotels nearby the campus that are affiliated with Mason Korea. All faculty, staff and students will receive discounts on the products and services by showing valid Mason Korea ID Card upon payment or ordering. *

We recommend Bridge Hotel Incheon Songdo the most as it’s the nearest one to the campus (distance about 10 minutes by taxi, close to the metro) and many of our past visitors have stayed there. We also recommend Orakai Hotel and Oakwood Premier.

Find more detailed information about these hotels under the 'Hotel' section of the following webpage.

 * Disclaimer: Mason Korea does not sponsor or endorse any of the businesses included in this list, nor does it guarantee the quality of the products and services.