Mason Korea Discount Program

Mason Korea Student Government recently renewed our partnership with sosok (소속), a campus membership app for students, faculty, and staff members in our community.  All faculty, staff and students will receive discounts and benefits by using sosok (소속) app in almost 700 stores – cafes, restaurants, make-up shops, driver’s license academies, and much more – in not only Songdo but all around Korea. Sosok has provided for us that includes some of the stores that our Mason Korea community members are able to use in eligible stores for up to a 30% discount in select locations.

To download and use sosok, please first visit sosok’s website (, download the app, and register with the following code:

✅ Sign-up (promotion) code: 2023조지메이슨대학교

Note: The sosok application is currently available in Korean only.


In sosok-eligible stores, simply click on the sosok logo in the bottom-center of the screen or select the store and then click on the “혜택 받기” (Receive benefit) button to receive your discount or benefit.



The following business partnerships have agreed to offer discounts to the Mason Korea Discount Program for all members of the Mason Korea community.  All faculty, staff and students will receive discounts on the products and services listed on this website by showing valid Mason Korea ID Card upon payment or ordering. Mason Korea does not sponsor or endorse any of the businesses included in this list, nor does it guarantee the quality of the products and services. 

If you have any additional questions, please email us at





List of Discount Available for Employees and Students