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The name of this organization shall be the Student Council of George Mason University Korea (the “Student Council”). The Student Council is a permanent standing entity which receives its legitimacy and authority as representatives of the entire student body. The Student Council advocates the interests of the student body of George Mason University Korea, educates the University community with regard to the state of our institution, and represents the interests of each and every student. The Student Council will serve as a liaison to the administration, faculty, staff, and University community in Korea and with the counterparts at George Mason University’s home campus in Fairfax, Virginia.

2020 Student Council

The Student Council is a body that is intended to assist in relations between George Mason University Korea administration and students, and between Incheon Global Campus Foundation and George Mason University Korea students. The primary objective of the Student Council is to improve and maintain the quality of student life at George Mason University Korea. Any other goals are considered to be parts of achieving the primary objective. The Student Council will achieve its objective by raising concerns and problems students might have, as well as organizing activities for the student community. The Student Council shall also consistently maintain and develop relations between George Mason University Korea faculty and students. The success of the Student Council rests on the trust and dedication that the George Mason University Korea community places in them. The Student Council is a leadership and development platform created by the University for the growth of its students and the institution as a whole. Finally, the Student Council will remain independent of influence and undue direction or control from George Mason University Korea staff or others.

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