About Registered Student Organizations


In George Mason University Korea, there are many student organizations in fields ranging from sports and music to leadership and volunteer groups. While students are free to form unregistered groups, registered student organizations (“RSO”) benefit by receiving support from the University through funding and faculty advising. All students will have an opportunity at the beginning of every semester to join the registered student organization/s of their own choosing during our RSO Fair.

New RSO recruitment is in every May and November prior to the new semester begins! 




To promote musical activities such as busking and musical activities through developing relationship between GMU students


Product Management Club

Special Interest

Product@Mason is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of future leaders within the university. Our mission is to provide students with enriching opportunities to explore and learn from the field of product management, regardless of their intended career path. We aim to supplement academic knowledge with practical skills and real-world insights, empowering students to successfully navigate their career journey within the United States and beyond. By offering tools, resources, and mentorship, we strive to prepare our members for successful careers in a variety of fields. Above all, Product@Mason is committed to nurturing a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continual learning, shaping the successful professionals of tomorrow. 



Volunteer & Service

The mission of this organization shall be to promote and provide for the wellbeing of the cats around the George Mason University campus and local animal shelters.



Academic (Computer Game Design)

School Activities *Volunteering services within the school, Motivating connection between CGD major students in Fairfax Campus, Communication with local students via online, Collaboration between GADIG* CGD student organization in Fairfax campus.




Our mission is to spread K-culture around the world​ and enhance the people’s understanding of K-culture not only within the organization but also globally. Throughout the term, we will touch all the aspects of K-culture, acquiring new knowledge as well as growing the awareness of the true K-culture​.

Trend LAB

Trend LAB


Our organization deals with the process by which members learn, discuss, and analyze business and economy in depth through research and discussion. It is our organization's mission to develop our perspective and business thoughts through these activities.


MK Business Experience Organization

To provide students with opportunities that will allow them to network and build skills necessary to succeed in the business world.


Mason Film

The purpose of MASON FILM is to share our academic insight based on the perspective we can enjoy through movies. MASON FILM does not merely focus on watching movies, yet each member shall share self-reflecting experiences and thoughts after watching a movie.



Introduce new dance styles / expand on current foundations for student with aptitude in any dance genre *Acquaint dancers on campus to grow performing arts community *explore dance opportunities including performance with on/off campus events, such as idc festivals, busking, etc. *Bridging cultural gap between various cultures through performing arts



Gather with people who share the same interests (soccer) to motivate each other and improve health. Since most of the members of the existing soccer club are men, our goal is to create an environment where female students can easily access soccer in their daily lives.


MK Green Patriots

1. Provide leadership in environmental, social, and economic stewardship on our campus and throughout the local and global communities.

2. Promote environmentally sustainable campus life.

3. Foster community engagement in the activities and projects that are aimed to protect the planet we live in.

Computational Data Science Delegation

The mission of the Computational Data Science Delegation is to foster a vibrant and inclusive data science community within the college. The delegation aims to facilitate the exploration and application of computational data science principles, techniques, and tools through educational events and collaborative projects.

Mason Birdies Badminton Club

Our mission is to bring George Mason students together in an active and healthy environment. By being physically and socially active, students can make new acquaintances as well as being physically healthy. We also want to incorporate gender inclusivity due to other sports clubs not being as available for female students, however, anyone is welcome to join our club.


• Our organization works on making policies.
• We try to make our policies contribute to society.
• Make a better society through our movement
• Move to promote the rights of the GMU community
• Move to promote the rights of the IGC community
• We try to reflect our voices in our society


• Provide the George Mason University Korea student body an opportunity to host a Model United Nations event of its own

• Enable students to empower themselves in an academic and professional manner

• Connect students between not only different majors in George Mason University Korea, but between various external institutions and networks

Create Reminiscent

The mission is to create an environment where people with a passion for music can communicate, share, and do music to their heart's content. Students have an opportunity to learn how to compose and write lyrics and can get closer to music by communicating and sharing the music.

Multicultural Exchange Club

MEC’s mission is to promote a diverse Mason Korea community, and to increase students curiosity about different cultures and therefore build a more global perspective. MEC also aims to become a bridge between international and domestic students as they each learn more about each other’s cultures and traditions.


Mason Korea Dynamic Capital

Our mission is to foster a community of like-minded individuals passionate about stock investing and wealth creation. We aim to provide a supportive and educational environment where members can learn, collaborate, and make informed investment decisions.

GMUK Basketball Association

Have the opportunity to play basketball competitively with other school members. Members of the club can enjoy basketball every week with other students of GMUK. Also allow members to grow skills to become good basketball players. Allow members to unite as a team and play against other schools.


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