Below are the South Korean emergency contact numbers for fire, medical, and police assistance. After you address your immediate situation with emergency services, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Affairs so that we can follow up on any of your needs (e.g., notifying your professors of your situation).

Fire or Medical Emergencies

Phone (Korean service): 119

Phone (English service): 02-119

Police Emergencies

Phone (Multilingual service): 112


Important: If you are the victim of sexual violence, it is extremely important that you do not clean yourself until you receive a medical examination and any evidence can be collected. Other important methods of preserving evidence include refraining from washing clothing, sheets, or other relevant materials, and preserving any relevant electronic communications and media.


Supplemental (Non-Emergency) Assistance

This contact is for supplemental purposes only. This is NOT an emergency contact.

If you are a non-native Korean speaker dealing with emergency personnel or other authorities, or find yourself in any other difficult, urgent situation and require extra assistance, please do not hesitate to call the supplemental Office of Student Affairs assistance number at +82-32-626-5119.