Room Reservation


New User Training 

You can find the 25live new user training for faculty and staff on MasonLEAPS.  

All on-campus events must follow these requirements:  

Scheduling Reminders:

  • We strive to respond to all internal requests within 3 to 5 business days. More time is sometimes necessary to process large and complex requests. 
  • We are making every effort to get to each request as quickly as possible. However, requests made less than five business days before the requested event date may not receive a response from our office. 
  • Once a scheduler has processed your request, they will confirm the event via email. 
  • If the space or time you’ve requested is unavailable, a scheduler will contact you to discuss alternatives. It is recommended that you include alternative spaces and times in case your first choice is not available. 
  • DO NOT proceed with the planning or advertising for your event until you receive written notification that a space has been assigned to you. 

Cancelling an Event 

If you no longer need space for your event or want to reschedule, please contact your scheduler below via email. Your scheduler is listed on your 25Live confirmation under scheduler.  

When emailing about a cancellation, please include your 25Live reference ID in the cancellation email along with the date(s) you wish to cancel. 

Classrooms and non-classroom event spaces Hee Tae Kim 
G404 Conference Room Heather Park
G536 AA Conference Room Diane Kim
G526 M Lounge Jae Hee Suh
Gracy Lee 

G525 Telepresence Room
G524 Conference Room
Crystal Seo

Questions? Please contact Hee Tae Kim.