Mason Korea Web Style Guide

Official Shorthand

  • Do not use GMU, GMU Korea, or GMUK when referring to the university; use George Mason University Korea or Mason Korea


  • Headers: Capitalize each word (e.g., Why Mason Korea?)
  • Titles of articles: Capitalize the first letter only (e.g., An unforgettable semester; mainly applies to 'News' section)

Paragraph Headers

  • Header 2: Use for emphasis when there are no more than 5 paragraphs and each paragraph has less than 4 lines
  • Header 3: Use when there are more than 5 paragraphs and each paragraph has over 4 lines
  • Header 4: Use only when necessary


Note: When you hit the 'Enter' key, a space is automatically created after the previous line.

  • No additional space when starting a new line
  • No additional space after an image (place text directly below image)
  • No double space after a period(one space only)
  • No space before a colon
  • Add a space before and after parentheses

Image Size

  • Theme image (main image at top of page): Original size
  • Portrait image: Large size (either align left or align right)
  • Horizontal/Vertical image ratio: 4:3 or 16:9

Day, date, time (e.g., Monday, July 1, 2019, 9:30AM)

US/United States

  • For headers, spell out 'United States'
  • Otherwise, use 'US' for abbreviated form (without periods)


Do not rewrite the title at the top of the page