Textbook Ordering Service


Textbooks required for class are available inside the course syllabus. For textbook and reading materials, our faculty use different sources such as Amazon, other online services, or post electronic readings on Blackboard. Be sure to check your syllabi from your Blackboard course shells or Courses page in advance as international shipping can take a few weeks.

Some Mason Korea Faculty may choose to use Enamuh.com, a local textbook ordering service, to help students obtain books for courses quickly and affordably. Before visiting the site, students should first check with their faculty members to determine whether the textbooks will be available on Enamuh.com. The site is published in Korean, but we have provided guidelines to help students navigate the site with instructions on how to order books on Enamuh.com.

To use the service, please visit Enamuh.com.


For more information on the service, please find the below references: