Transition Overview

One of the exciting and unique features of the curriculum at Mason Korea is that students are required to spend a year of their education at George Mason University’s main campus in Fairfax, Virginia. Students at the Korea campus build a strong foundation of knowledge through the Mason Core and in their chosen academic field. They then move on to the Fairfax campus to deepen their subject area expertise and enjoy the wide variety of upper-level major electives to broaden their horizons.

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Transition Process

Going to a distant place or country for study may not be the easiest process to go through as it often requires planning out your actions in advance and making several important choices. Office of Academic Affairs and University Life office on both campuses are here to support you going through the transition process.

Please see the below chart for specific action items required for your transition to Fairfax and the timelines to complete each of those items.



Two-Semester Requirement Policy 

All students are required to spend at least two regular semesters (e.g. Spring, Fall) studying in Fairfax. You may choose to spend either your 6th and 7th semesters or your 7th and 8th semesters in Fairfax. Many students choose to stay in Fairfax for more than two semesters. While you are free to take summer courses in Fairfax during your transition year, summer session enrollment does not count toward the two-semester requirement. Students are not permitted to reduce the two-semester obligation by taking summer courses on the main campus, Mason Korea, or other institutions, by taking credit overload, Study Elsewhere and Study Abroad courses, or through transfer credits from previous institutions. While these options may be useful tools for getting the most out of your Mason education, excessive or careless use of them may result in unnecessary credits and additional tuition costs. In order to avoid a situation where you must take additional courses beyond what is required for the degree to meet the two-semester requirement, students are strongly recommended to consult regularly with academic advisors about your course selection at Mason Korea and during your time in Fairfax. 



In order to be considered eligible for transition to the Fairfax campus, students are required to complete all of the courses listed in semesters one through five (or six) of the four-year plans for their major prior to transition. They must also be in good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA or above). If you have any deviation from the four-year plan, you should meet with your academic advisor to confirm your eligibility and discuss the feasibility of transition to the Fairfax campus. 



If you wish to be transitioned to the Fairfax campus and have met the eligibility requirements, complete the Fairfax Transition Application Form and meet with the academic advisor to discuss your course plan for two semesters in the Fairfax campus. 

All applications must be approved by the academic advisor. The applications can also be reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Dean’s Office. The result of your transition eligibility review will be notified individually via Mason email.

Contact your academic advisors to know more about the Fairfax Transition.

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