Tuition Refund

Do I need to submit a refund request?

Yes, refund request documents are needed for tuition refunds. To proceed with the refund, please fill out the following documents and submit them to MK Student Accounts.

  1. Tuition Refund Form
  2. Agreement of Collection and Usage of Personal Information
  3. A copy of your bank account (Kakao Bank & Toss Bank NOT allowed)
  4. A copy of Passport or A copy of identification cards
  5. The certificate of family relations (only if you will be receiving the refund via your parent's account)

*If the course you have registered gets canceled due to the low enrollment, you will receive a 100% tuition refund. If you make a payment via Flywire, and two working days have not yet passed, please contact Flywire to cancel your payment.

May I get a refund after the last day to drop classes without a tuition penalty?

No. Refunds are only available before the cutoff for dropping classes without a tuition penalty. Please check the academic calendar for the full academic tuition timeline and details for certain tuition liabilities.

  • Last Day to Drop Classes (with 100% tuition refund): you could get a 100% tuition refund.
  • Last Day to Drop Classes (with 50% tuition refund; final drop): you could only get a 50% tuition refund.
  • Unrestricted Withdrawal Period (100% tuition liability): you can't get a tuition refund.

When will I receive my refund after submitting a refund request?

A refund will be processed within 15-20 business days after all of your documents are accepted. Refunds are made to student’s direct deposit account that they’ve submitted. All our refunds made with the USD currency. Our office sends you an email once the refunds are made.

Process of tuition refund

1 Student Drop the classes/courses via Patriot web
2 Student

Refund document(refer to the top of the page) submission to MK Student Accounts

3 Student Accounts

Document verification

4 Student Accounts Send a refund completion report to the student
5 Student Confirm the refunded amounts