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*Please view the overall process of the GI-Bill and FAFSA. Process of GI-Bill and FAFSA

FAFSA (Federal Student Aid)

*US students receiving financial aid from the University under FAFSA must contact the Student Accounts Office in Fairfax and make a special arrangement for their payment schedule.

*Please see more details on this link

*Students who receive financial aid must pay their bill within two months after the course begins each semester. Otherwise, a late penalty will be charged to your account. The penalty will not be charged to your account unless you haven't received the funds yet; even it passes 60 days after the course begins.

*The penalty is USD 150 per month that can be accumulated for four times each semester.


Financial Aid, Veterans Benefits, and Virginia PrePaid

Financial aid is disbursed to the Fairfax campus approximately ten days prior to the start of each term. Virginia PrePaid and VA Benefits are received 2-4 weeks after the semester begins. After disbursement, funds are issued to the student as a refund. It is strongly recommended that GMU Korea students sign up for direct deposit of their financial aid through the Student Accounts Office in Fairfax. It is the student’s responsibility to pay their bill at GMU Korea regardless of financial aid or other refunds received.


529 Education Plan

Students using 529 education savings plans, with the exception of Virginia PrePaid, should have the fund distribution sent directly to themselves, and then submit payment to GMU Korea via bank wire. 

*Scholarships may be available to maintain students' existing tuition rate while studying at GMU Korea.


Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP)

This program provides up to four academic years of education benefits at Virginia's public colleges and universities to spouses and children of military service members and veterans who:

  • Were killed in action
  • Are missing in action
  • Were taken prisoner
  • Are considered 90% disabled as a result of military service by the Department of Veterans Affairs

*Learn more about VMSDEP on this link

*Student Must be qualified and notified to Student Accounts at Korea campus to get a tuition waiver.


GI Bill

*Students who receive a GI bill must contact the Student Accounts Office in Fairfax and make a special arrangement for their payment schedule.

*Students must pay their bill at least two months before the end of the semester; otherwise, a late penalty will be charged to their account.

*Learn more about VA Benefits on this link

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