Tax Reporting Documents

For US citizens


1098-T can be viewed on Bill + Payment. Please log in to view your 1098-T. A PDF guide can be found here. By default, your authorized user cannot see your 1098-T. You can give them permission to view 1098-T on Bill + Payment. A PDF guide can be found here.


For Korean citizens

The certificate of tuition payment for 2023 was already sent through your GMU Live Account (Spring, Summer, & Fall). Please contact MK Student Accounts if you need a receipt or certificate of tuition payment for your parents' tax filing or tax refund.

-Actual Payment Receipt Date
We will send you a notification email when we receive your payments within 2-3 business days. The finalized receipt will send out on the following dates since there's a possibility of credit changes.

Spring: End of March
Summer: Within 10 days after the last day to drop classes (100%)
Fall: End of September

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