Spring 2023

Mason Korea students may register as a part-time student.

Scholarship recipients will not receive a scholarship during the semester that they have registered as a part-time student.

Part-time tuition rate is calculated by credit hour as below;

Student can apply for a part-time student before the semester.

Undergraduate & Graduate Tuition Rates

Credit Hours Tuition Rate (Undergraduate) Tuition Rate (Graduate)
1 $834.00 $1,111.00
2 $1,667.00 $2,222.00
3 $2,500.00 $3,333.00
4 $3,334.00 $4,444.00
5 $4,170.00 $5,556.00
6 $5,000.00 $6,667.00
7 $5,831.00 $7,778.00
8 $6,667.00 $8,889.00
9 $7,500.00 $10.000.00 (Full-time)
10 $8,334.00  
11 $9,167.00  
Full Time $10.000.00 (12-16 Credits)
$10.000.00 (9 Credits)
Per Credit $834.00 $1,111.00


Payment Information

The tuition invoice will be generated on the designated date below and be sent to students via MasonLive account within 3 – 4 business days after being generated.

Student Type
Invoicing Start from
** Payment Deadline
Returning & New Students (1st) Feb.07.Tue.2023

Feb.17.Fri.2023 (4PM KST)**

Returning & New Students (2nd) Feb.14.Tue.2023 Feb.17.Fri.2023 (4PM KST)**

Students are highly recommended to complete the registration by the deadline in order to receive a tuition invoice that matches their registration. Any changes in registration after the registration deadline must be notified to MK Student Accounts via email so that your invoice can be adjusted accordingly.

Students are responsible for registering properly and paying by the deadline. Students should confirm the correctness of their enrollments (including drop and add). Incorrect enrollments may result in academic and financial penalties. If the course that you have registered gets canceled due to the low enrollment, you will receive 100% tuition refund.

※ Penalty Fee will be charged after the deadline. 

※ The penalty is USD 150 per month that can be accumulated for four months each semester.