Leave Korea

For international students, especially D-2 students, it is important to prepare for your departure in advance. Leaving campus and the country with unresolved issues may cause unnecessary delays and inconveniences.

This webpage provides a checklist for your smooth departure from Korea. For questions, please contact International Student Services.

This page has been updated as of December 12, 2023.


Departure Checklist

Indefinite Departure Temporary Departure
  1. Housing check-out
  2. Check in with NHIS
  3. Close bank account
  4. Turn in ARC
  1. Housing check-out
  2. Check in with NHIS
  3. Apply for on/off campus storage
  4. Review ARC status


For All Departing Students


For Student Departing Indefinitely


For Students Departing Temporarily


Taxi to Airport

We recommend taking taxi to the airport especially if you have moving with luggage. You could make a reservation for an exclusive private taxi service. Consider using the service from a vendor below. Fare might range from USD 80 - 120 depending on vehicle type you reserve. We strongly recommend making a reservation at least 5 days before your departure.