Extension of Sojourn

International students who wish to extend their study period may apply for the Extension of Sojourn. The student must in good immigration standing. Remaining in South Korea beyond the approved stay period may result in sanctions against the student.

Subcategory For Initial Sojourn Period Max. Sojourn Period
D-2-2 Undergraduate students directly admitted to Mason Korea
1 year  4 years
D-2-3 Master’s degree students directly admitted to Mason Korea 1 year  2 years

Students visiting Mason Korea
 - Study Abroad (Fairfax)
 - Global Gateway (Fairfax)

Undergraduate Non-Degree Students

6 months

 1 year

The exact expiration date of one's sojourn status is determined when the student arrives in Korea and applies for the Alien Registration Card. Students are required to extend the period of sojourn before it ends. Extending the sojourn period that goes over the maximum allowed limits above is granted on a limited basis.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Extension of Sojurn, a student must;

  • be enrolled in the semester for which the extension of sojourn is need.
  • have passports that are valid for six months beyond the date of application
  • have completed the Alien Registration
  • remain in Korea until the extension applications are approved by the Incheon immigration authority.



Students can apply for an extension from four months before the end date of their current stay periods. The university highly recommends applying for an extension at least a month before the end date.

Here is a list of documents you should prepare for this application.

  1. Copy of Alien Registration Card
  2. Certificate of Enrollment
  3. Transcript
  4. Certificate of Tuition Payment
  5. Proof of Funding
  6. Proof of Residency
  7. Application Fee KRW 50,000

Open the application form linked below to learn more about each document/item.

Your advisor will review the application and submit it to the Incheon immigration office on your behalf.