Ground Rules

As international students, it is important to be mindful of these ground rules in order to stay in compliance with Korean laws and regulations.


Rule 1. Do not let your alien registration card expire.

  • Having a valid alien registration card means you have a valid sojourn status in Korea. Students with expired ARC are considered illegal immigrants and will be subjected to various sanctions including but not limited to administrative holds, immigration interviews, fines, and deportation
  • To avoid this, D-2 students should apply for the Extension of Stay at least 2 months before it expires
  • Read more about the Extension of Stay


Rule 2. Report immediately to University Life if your passport information has been changed.

  • Renew your passport at the embassy of your home country if necessary


Rule 3. If your address was changed, you must report to the immigration office and update your address

  • Address change report must be made within 15 days from move-in
  • Failure to report the change within 15 days may result in administrative penalties and fines


Rule 4. Apply for a re-entry permit if you are leaving Korea for more than a year.

  • Read more about Re-Entry Permit
  • The permit is waived for leaves shorter than a year. You may re-enter Korean as long as your ARC is valid


Rule 5. You must obtain a work permit from the immigration office for any off-campus employment positions.

  • Consult with me before signing any employment contract
  • Read more about Work Permit