Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules for D-2 students.


Rule 1. Do not let your alien registration card expire.

  • If your ARC is expired, you will be considered staying in Korea illegally.
  • Apply for an Extension of Stay at least 2 months before its current expiry date.
  • Read more about Extension of Stay.


Rule 2. Report immediately to the Mason Korea international services if your passport information has been changed.

  • Renew your passport at the embassy of your home country if necessary


Rule 3. If you live off-campus in Korea, you must report to the immigration office and update your address

  • If you move, complete the address change process within 15 days.
  • Otherwise, you may be subjected to administrative penalties and fines.


Rule 4. Apply for a re-entry permit if you will leave Korea for more than a year.


Rule 5. You must obtain a work permit from the immigration office for any off-campus employment positions.

  • Consult with me before signing any employment contract.
  • Read more about Work Permit.