Health Insurance

All international students admitted to GMUK are required by university policy to sign up for health insurance coverage at the link provided below in order to be eligible to attend classes. We recommend that students opt for the LIBERTY Plan (approx. $450 a year), which meets many of the minimum requirements of an acceptable health insurance plan.

Under the “get quote and apply” section, students will need to put an “Agent Number” which will identify them in the system as Mason students. 

The Mason Korea Code is “SB212”.

If you have any problems accessing information on the web site, or if you submitted a form and have not received any follow up within 2 business days, please contact the following representatives: or

Expect a minimum of 24 hours turnaround time once you purchase a policy to receive your policy documents and proof of coverage.  

Students attending GMUK through ta Study Abroad Program, or the Global Gateway Program are exempt for the GMUK requirement, but subject to the health insurance requirements of their respective programs.

Minimum Requirements

Specifically, George Mason University Korea requires D2, A1, SOFA visa status students to have health insurance coverage during their time in Korea which meets these minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. A per illness/ injury deductible not exceeding $100, or an annual deductible which does not exceed $500
  2. The policy must be valid in Korea up to one week prior to the first day of class at George Mason University Korea for the semester during which the student is enrolled until the end of the Holiday break succeeding the semester in which the student was enrolled.  For example: a policy for a student enrolled in the Fall must be valid from mid-august to mid-February; a policy for a student enrolled in the Spring must be valid from mid-February to mid-august.


  1. The cost of medical evacuation ($30,000) and repatriation ($30,000) back to the student’s home country

An international student who has a qualifying health insurance policy and wants to be exempted from having to sign up for the Health Insurance Plan recommended by GMUK must apply for an insurance waiver. 

Waivers may take up to 2 weeks to process. Waiver applications will be audited by the Office of Student Affairs who ultimately reserves the right to make a final waiver decision.

How to Request a Health Insurance Waiver (HIW)

  1. Request a waiver no later than three weeks before the first day of class in the semester in which you are enrolled. (Students admitted to the university less than three weeks before the first day of class, should request that the office of admissions submit a waiver on their behalf)
  2. Make sure your personal health insurance plan meets or exceeds the minimum eligibility requirements listed above.
  3. Email . In the email subject line enter: HIW request: YOUR NAME and G#
  4. Attach a copy of your health insurance policy with proof of coverage. Please note, that all documents submitted must be in English or be submitted with a notarized translation.
  5. The Student Affairs office will respond to your email within 3 business days about the waiver process, and if any additional information is needed.

Qualifying Health Insurance Policies

  1. The student, or student’s spouse, or parent, has health insurance for the student which applies in Korea, and meets the minimum requirements listed above.
  2. The student has a scholarship or government sponsored program that provides health insurance coverage in Korea, and meets the minimum requirements listed above.