Fairfax Study Abroad: K Section

A Mason Korea “K” section is created from a Fairfax asynchronous course based on the following criteria.


Fairfax study abroad students who require a course needed for graduation or has a class schedule conflict with no alternative courses available to take in-person at Mason Korea will be eligible to request a Fairfax-based asynchronous online course. The student’s academic advisor must confirm this requirement in writing. A student may take one (1) FFX-based online course based on the eligibility requirements per term. Fairfax-based asynchronous courses are available to Fairfax study abroad students only during the fall semester.

Processing time

The request may take a minimum of 3-4 weeks to be processed as there are multiple levels of approval needed to complete this request. The approval of the asynchronous course request is not guaranteed.


Please request the course as soon as possible to determine eligibility. Fairfax-based online course requests will not be considered after June 30th.


Should you have any questions, please contact Mason Korea Coordinator Grace Lee at glee36@gmu.edu.