Selective Withdrawal for Undergraduates

Undergraduates enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs are eligible to withdraw from a limited number of classes without the dean’s approval and at the student’s own discretion. Students may process a maximum of three such selective withdrawals during their entire undergraduate career at Mason. The three classes may have any number of credits. Application for Selective Withdrawal is available only during designated period. This period will be posted on the Academic Calendar in each semester.

Due to the limited number of selective withdrawals available to students throughout the entire undergraduate career, students are highly recommended to think carefully before selectively withdrawing from a class.  Before doing so, please make sure you talk to the professor and academic advisor. If a student still chooses to do so, the Selective Withdrawal Form can be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs via email at mkaa@gmu.edu. Forms submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.


Course Withdrawal with Dean Approval

For graduate and non-degree students, withdrawal after the last day to drop a course requires approval by the student’s academic dean, and is permitted only for nonacademic reasons that prevent course completion. For undergraduate students, withdrawal after the open withdrawal period, for cause within the period, or after a student has used all three selective withdrawals, requires approval by the student’s academic dean and is typically permitted only for nonacademic reasons that prevent course completion.


Semester Withdrawal with Dean Approval

Undergraduates taking three or fewer classes may use the selective withdrawal for all courses for a semester; see  Selective Withdrawal for Undergraduates, above. Otherwise, students who need to withdraw from a semester beginning the 6th week may do so only for nonacademic reasons with the approval of the academic dean. Withdrawal forms are available at the Office of Academic Affairs. Students who stop attending all classes without the dean’s approval and without processing selective withdrawals, if eligible, will receive a grade of F in all courses.


Effects of Course or Semester Withdrawal

All withdrawal results in a grade of W on the student’s transcript for the withdrawn course(s). While a grade of W does not affect the GPA, undergraduate students should note that withdrawn courses are part of “attempted credit hours,” which serve as the basis for the student’s credit level. In the university’s undergraduate retention system, GPA standards increase according to credit level. See AP.5.2.3 Student Retention Categories.

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