Patriot Plus Program


Patriot Plus Program (PPP) students take a set of required courses specifically designed to improve your ability to learn in English. For the first two semesters after admission, PPP students will take English for Academic Purposes courses as well as regular Mason courses that count towards Mason Core or major requirement. At the end of the second semester, a Progression Committee, consisting of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, the PPP/EAP Coordinator (Faculty), and Academic Affairs Staff, will review the results of individual students. Students who successfully meet the requirements of PPP at the end of second semester will progress into the major. In the case that a student does not meet all the requirements for progression, the student may be permitted to study for one additional semester in the PPP as a PPP Extender or dismissed from the program.

Study Plan

Please find the most recent PPP study plan as attached. Depending on your admit semester, your requirements may be different. Please refer to the study plan you have received at the time of your admission.

Spring 24 Patriot Plus Program Study Plan (for non-GAME majors)

Spring 24 Patriot Plus Program Study Plan (for GAME majors)

Patriot Plus Program Policies

1. Grading:
• Patriot Plus Program students are required to have grades of C or better in all courses. No Credit (NC) grade is not permitted.
• Incomplete (IN) grade may be given to students who are passing a course but who may be unable to complete scheduled coursework for a cause beyond reasonable control. PPP students can request IN grades if needed. However, an earlier deadline will be applied. Students must finish all outstanding coursework during the interterm break and get the final grade no later than two weeks prior to the start of the immediately following regular semester (e.g. Fall, Spring). This is to ensure that students meet the pre-requisites and/or are ready for progression review. Faculty members will be required to file an Incomplete Grade Contract with the Office of Academic Affairs, detailing the work that remains to be done, the general reason for the Incomplete, the specific deadline for the student, and the student’s grade at the point of receiving the Incomplete.
• Students may withdraw from one or more classes. Such action will leave Withdrawal (W) grades on students’ transcript. Withdrawal grades may affect the progression review adversely if the student does not retake and complete the course successfully before the review. PPP students are required to complete all course requirements for progression and may be reviewed for dismissal if they do not meet all the requirements. In order to avoid such, please make sure you consult with your PPP advisor in advance.

2. Leave:
• Due to the nature of the Patriot Plus Program as both English language development and academic coursework, PPP students are not allowed to take a leave of absence while they are in the program. Students should contact the Office of Academic Affairs at if they have any questions about this policy.