Mason US Students


If you are a student from the main campus, you can join Mason Korea as a visiting student. Studying at Mason Korea is an opportunity to have an international experience that opens a world of new possibilities and inspires career/personal growth while remaining within the Mason system. Because Mason Korea is a campus of George Mason University, it offers the same courses as do Mason’s US campuses.

While living at Mason Korea, learning and growing in a vibrant Asian city, you will also enjoy the same advising resources and fill the same course requirements as you would in the US.  You will use familiar Mason systems such as Patriot Web.  And on your return to the US, you will not need to negotiate any transfer of course credit --- because all throughout your transformative international semester, you never left Mason.


Joining Mason Korea

There are two major pathways you can take to join Mason Korea.


Explore Your Interests

Are you exploring the vast array of majors at Mason? Then now is a perfect time to study at the Korea campus to broaden your perspective!


We Thrive Together

Mason Korea is a place where you can be actively engaged in the local community and contribute to making positive changes to the world. Mason Korea is committed to organizing community outreach programs for students.