Courses Offered at Mason Korea

Courses at Mason Korea are completely aligned with the Mason University Catalog. Their goals and requirements are the same as those offered at Mason's main campus in the United States.

All students visiting Mason Korea make progress towards graduation by taking a variety of courses that fulfill Mason Core requirements. 

Mason Korea also offers courses that fulfill requirements specific to a major or minor in the following Mason programs:

  • Business
  • Computational and Data Sciences
  • Computer Game Design
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Economics
  • Global Affairs

Additionally, students may use their semester at Mason Korea to complete the co-curricular requirement of international programs such as a minor in international business.

Many courses at Mason Korea have special themes that take advantage of our Korean location. You might take an anthropology class on K-pop, a conflict resolution class on the North-South Korean conflict, or a literature class on Korean literature. You’ll also enjoy excursions built into your classes, such as trips to a K-pop concert, the DMZ (the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea), or to writer’s museums in Seoul and elsewhere. You’ll be learning about Korean life and culture while you immerse yourself in it.

Here is a table that lists courses we anticipate offering for the next three years. If you are a student at Mason Korea, this table may help you plan your progression towards graduation. And if you are a US Mason student planning to study with us at Mason Korea, this table can help you plan your time here.

Course Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2024
ACCT 203
ACCT 311
ACCT 303
ACCT 331
ANTH 114      
ANTH Elective  
ARTH Elective      
AVT 104      
AVT 180      
BULE 303
BUS 100
BUS 103
BUS 200
BUS 210
BUS 303
BUS 310
BUS For-Credit Internship 292/492
CDS 101  
CDS 102  
CDS 130    
CDS 151    
CDS 230        
CDS 292       
CDS 301        
CDS 303        
CHIN 110          
CHIN 101  
CHIN 102  
CHIN 201
CHIN 202  
CHIN 300-level
COMM 101
COMM 249
COMM Elective
COMM 450
CONF 101
CONF 210
CONF 320
CONF 330
CONF 340
CONF 370
CONF Elective I
CONF Elective II
CRIM 100        
Digital Media Elective
ECON 103
ECON 104
ECON 306
ECON 311
ECON 385
ECON Elective I
ECON Elective II
ECON Elective III
ENGH 100
ENGH 101
ENGH 200-level (Literature)
ENGH 302
EVPP 337
FNAN 303
FNAN 311    
GAME 101    
GAME 140      
GAME 210    
GAME 230    
GAME 231
GAME 232
GAME 250
GAME 310
GAME 330
GAME 331
GAME 332
GAME 367
GAME 398
GLOA 101
GOVT 132 or 133
GOVT 322
GOVT 342      
GOVT Elective      
HIST 100
HIST 125
IT 104
KORE 110
KORE 201
KORE 202
KORE Elective I
KORE Elective II
KORE 490
MATH 008
MATH 105
MATH 106
MATH 108
MATH 113
MATH 114
MBUS Elective    
MGMT 303
MGMT 313
MGMT 321
MIS 303
MIS 310  
MKTG 303
MKTG Elective      
MUSI 102
Non-Lab Science
OSCM 303
PSYC 100      
SOCI Elective I        
SOCI Elective II        
STAT 250  
STAT 350    
SPAN 101
SPAN 102
SPAN 201  
Visual Arts Elective I      

*The list above is subject to change.
*See University Catalog for course descriptions.

A checkmark indicates that the course is currently planned to be offered in the given semester. A blank means that we are uncertain that the course will be offered for the semester. You may check back for more information. 

Keep in mind that this list is subject to change. 

Feel free to browse courses and their syllabi on the following webpage, Mason Korea Courses.

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