First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship


The First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship (formerly known as Freshmen Achievement Award) is given to students as recognition for completing their first semesters at Mason with outstanding academic performances. Students with a first-semester GPA of 3.7 or higher will receive the award.

Recipients of this award are invited to apply for a competitive scholarship - The First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship. The most outstanding applicants will be awarded a First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, students eligible are required to attend a Celebration of the Achievement award ceremony. A scholarship application and instruction will be given only to those who attend the event. The First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship rewards $500 - 1,000 to be used towards students' tuition for the following semester.

Eligible students will apply during their second semester at Mason.  Both first and second-semester GPAs will be considered during the scholarship review.  The scholarship will be awarded before the beginning of the student's third semester to the scholarship recipients. 

Check out the Scholarship Policy section below for more information. Questions about the First-Year Academic Achievement Scholarship should be directed to


Scholarship Policy