Student Engagement Scholarship


This Scholarship recognizes the contribution to the Mason Korea community that students make through their involvement in student organizations.  From Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to the Student Council, Mason Korea understands that we cannot build a vibrant and supportive community without the time and dedication that these students invest in supporting their fellow students, engaging in community service, and providing a space for Mason students to develop and refine their leadership skills.  It is in recognition of their devotion to the Mason Nation, and their invaluable support to the quality of student life at Mason Korea that we award these scholarships to students serving in leadership capacities within our numerous RSOs and to those who would dedicate their time representing the needs and concerns of their fellow students on the Student Council.  These scholarships will not affect any other scholarship that a student receives from GMU Korea. 


Eligibility Requirements

1. RSOs

Any Student serving in the capacity of President, Vice President, and Treasurer of a Registered Student Organizations (RSO) which has been active and fully recognized in good standing by the Office of Student Affairs for at least two consecutive semesters.  (Limited to 3 scholarships per RSO).

Recognized RSO representatives must present minutes and/or records documenting the selection or election of students to the positions referenced above prior to the end of the semester/or academic year preceding the start of the term in office for the selected students. 

Recognized RSO must present minutes and/or records of attending Mason360 Virtual Fair hosted by Fairfax campus. 


2. Student Council

Students serving on the GMUK Student Council will receive a scholarship for each semester of their term of office reflective of the office they hold on the Student Council. 

If you have any further questions about the Student Engagement Scholarship, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 032-626-5050.