Compensation and Payroll

Mason Korea Human Resources Office attracts and retains outstanding body of faculty and staff to meet Strategic Plan

Based on internal assessment and external competitiveness in the labor market, Mason Korea holds the following objectives regarding compensation:

  1. Reward employees on the basis of work performance
  2. Administer pay equitably and consistently
  3. Ensure accountability and compliance with University Policy and Statutory requirements

Titles and Salary Minimums

For Staff:


For Faculty:

Current employees can access BambooHR (Files > Policies and Processes) for information. 


The standard payroll date is on the 25th of each month. When a pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, the pay date is the prior business day

In partnership with KPMG, Mason Korea works with employees to provide assistance related to payroll and income tax. For current employees to check your pay slip, please follow the instructions (click here).

MK employees who are full-time fall under Employment Income category. Taxes can be under exemption, progresive, or flat rate category meeting certain criteria. 

Korean Social Security Insurances

There are four types of social security contributions in Korea, namely: National Pension (NP), National Health Insurance (NHI), Employment Insurance (EI), and Worker’s Compensation Insurance (WCI)

For details of the different types of social insurances, please visit the 4 social insurance website (click here)

Contribution Chart

2024 Rates

4 Insurance Type Employee Employer Total
National Pension 4.50% 4.50% 9.00%
Health Insurance 3.55% 3.55% 7.09%
Long-term Care* 12.95% 12.95% 25.90%
Employment Insurance 0.90% 1.15% 2.05%
Industrial Insurance 0.00% 0.64% 0.64%

(*) Long-term Geriatric Care insurance is part of health insurance and percentage is applied on health insurance (not salary).