Work Permit

In general, D-2 visa holders are liekly to be permitted to work only in part-time positions that are typically available to students. Completing courses and degree requirements must be the top priority for D-2 visa holders, and any employment that is deemed to interfere with their studies by the university and/or immigration office may result in the denial of their application.

Students who apply for work permits must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher; otherwise, their application may be denied. The employment period cannot exceed the end date of the student's sojourn.

Before applying for an employment position or signing any legal contract, students are strongly advised to consult with their international student advisor. If there is a change in the employer, the student must schedule a meeting with their international student advisor and submit a new contract to the immigration office to report the change of workplace. To extend the Work Permit, another application must be submitted.



Schedule a meeting with your international student advisor to apply for the process online. Students must bring following items to the meeting.

  1. Alien registration card
  2. Unofficial transcript
  3. English language test score (if applicable)
  4. Employer’s business registration certificate
  5. Unsigned employment contract*

* Your contract must specify the following information

  • Employer contact info
  • Employment period (must be within the approved period of stay, contract cannot begin prior to the date of your work permit application)
  • Weekly work hours
  • Hourly wage


Eligibility Requirements and Limits

  • Students must have one of the following visa statuses: D-2-1, D-2-2, D-2-3, D-2-4, D-2-6, D-2-7
  • Students must have spent 6 months or more in Korea after entry.

English Language Requirement *

TOEFL PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71 / IELTS 5.5 / TEPS 600 / CEFR B2 or above.

Academic Standing Requirement

Cumulative GPA of 2.0

Work Hour Limit

25 hours during weekdays in academic semesters

There is no hour limit during weekends & semester breaks but obtaining work permits in advance is required for positions with more than 25 weekly work hours.

Work Period Limit

The work period must be within the approved stay period.

Examples of Allowed Activities

Translation/interpretation, assistant work at a restaurant or office, tour guide assistant, sales assistant in a duty-free shop, activities at an English village or foreign language camp as a sales clerk, waiter/waitress or assistant staff., etc.

   * The language requirement can be waived if you hold a nationality that uses English as an official language.